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*Terms &Conditions Applied
Double the bonus amount when an investor deposits within 24 hours after successfully creating a live account.
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Bonus can be withdrawn!
Bonus program provides investors the opportunity to earn even more with the basic capitals. Join us and we will provide you with up to a $4000 deposit bonus. Please contact our customer support if you have not received the bonus automatically.
How do I get my bonus?
Deposit >
Receive bonus as credit
can be used for trading
Start Trading >
Bonus can be withdrawn upon meeting the required Trading Point (TP).
Bonus Rules
Deposit was made within 24 hours after successfully creating a live account.
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Deposit Bonus Required Trading Points
$ 50 $ 20 ≥ 4
$ 200 $ 80 ≥ 15
$ 500 $ 200 ≥ 32
$ 1000 $ 400 ≥ 60
$ 2000 $ 800 ≥ 110
$ 5000 $ 2000 ≥ 260
$ 10000 $ 4000 ≥ 500
Deposit was made more than 24 hours after successfully creating a live account.
Deposit Bonus Required Trading Points
$ 200 $ 40 ≥ 8
$ 500 $ 100 ≥ 18
$ 1000 $ 200 ≥ 32
$ 2000 $ 400 ≥ 60
$ 5000 $ 1000 ≥ 138
$ 10000 $ 2000 ≥ 260
What is Trading Point (TP)?
Crypto,Forex and Stock: 1 Standard lot = 0.3 TP
Other Products: 1 Standard lot = 1 TP
Investors can only get the trading point after a successful transaction.
Trading points will be started to earn from the day of participation.
Terms and Conditions
1. These terms and conditions (the “terms”) form the basis of the promotion to participate in our company promotion (the “promotion”). By participating in the promotion, you agree to be bound by these Terms. Our company is the only provider of this promotion. Our company reserves the right to vary or cancel any of these terms at any time, subject to applicable laws with or without prior notice.

2. Our company offers this promotion to all new and existing clients.
For clients who are participating in other deposit bonus promotions need to opt-out of their existing promotion before participating in this promotion.

3. Investors will receive corresponding bonus instantly as the credit bonus after every successful deposit, the bonus can be used as margin for trading.

4. Once the required trading point condition is met, credit will be automatically converted to the investor's account balance and can be withdrawn.

5. Deposits below $2000 could only participate in the promotion twice per stage. Deposits above $2000 will not be limited by the participating times (The total deposit amount could be accumulated within a week), and for each individual trading account can only obtain a maximum of $4000 bonus,High leverage accounts (1000 times leverage) do not participate in bonus activities.

6. Bonus is available for withdrawal upon meeting the required trading points (TPs) as defined on the bonus table.

7. Please refer to the "Bonus Rules" under the promotion page for the trading point calculation. Investors can earn their trading point from the day of their participation.

8. Investors will be deemed as exit and terminate this promotion if there is any withdrawal request made in the promotion period.

9. Our company will not be liable for any losses that investors may incur by trading with the bonus.

10. This promotion cannot be combined with other bonus activities/ promotions. Abuse of activities will disqualify and TOP ONE reserve the right to pursue further.